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Physics - List 1

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Everything About Physics. Free Directory List of physics directories - 1.

  Hello Visitor! You have found this page, because most likely you were searching some major search engine with "physics" keyword. If so, then you've come to the right place! For 12 USD per year you can put your link on it here:
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Directory List - online physics lectures, news and more

A collection of physics online lectures: from relativity to quantum field theory
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 Physics resources

Physics internet resources world wide web resources: physics papers - electronic reading, writing, fetching online journals brown library catalog pacs codes national nuclear data center jobs conferences forums: physnet physics web robot confmenu/jobmenu theoretical physics jobs rumor mill theoretical particle physics postdoc jobs rumor mill experimental high energy physics jobs rumor mill theoretical nuclear physics jobs rumor mill experimental nuclear physics jobs rumor mill astrophysics job rumour mill condensed matter (atomic, molecular and optical biophysics) jobs rumor mill aip career network link physics by research area: high energy physics labs around the world experiments on-line: home pages of individual hep experiments pdg - the particle data group freehep - library of high energy physics software hepic - high-energy physics information center astronomy resources aps - american physical society aip - american institute of physics ams - american mathematical society nsf - na
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 Big list of physics humor links

A cross-reference list of thousands of physics humour sources.
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 Robert kern curtis' physics stuff

Robert kern curtis's physics stuff last updated: it is now the clock will run for 30 seconds - it may skip some seconds! Special scientists stop light - new york times article 1/18/01 directory of interactive physics applets for educators and students einstein website scientific american the magazine mars pathfinder history of the electron from aip x-ray from 1896 of hand with buckshot made at columbia university photograph of roentgen x-ray and electron diffraction patterns pendulum: period as a function of amplitude from the physics teacher january 1981 errors in physics textbooks physicists on the money the mpemba effect why hot water freezes faster than cold! Select physics exercises physics humor space elevator - a great concept! About "life" on mars stephen hawking home page comet hyakutake images comet hale-bopp physics lovers' paradise nasa's quest for k-12 science education physics for advancement 3600 summer course at dwight-englewood school physics 3600 home page a p physic
4 Google PR:4   Details Free Directory List

 Annotated physics encyclopædia

The net advance of physics: annotated physics encyclopædia by igor ivanov (forschungszentrum jülich) copyright © 2001 by igor ivanov general physics resources (updated) classical mechanics (updated) thermodynamics (updated) temperature, heat and combustion (updated) molecular physics phase equilibria and transitions (updated) statistical mechanics and kinetics (new) condensed matter (updated) crystallography and solids structure (updated) solid state and semiconductor physics (updated) atomic physics (updated) superconductivity and superfluidity (updated) material science granular materials fluids - general (new) fluid statics and liquid structure (updated) fluid dynamics (updated) unusual liquids (updated) electricity and magnetism - general electrical devices magnetic phenomena optics - general (new) geometrical optics (new) interference and diffraction spectroscopy and radiation (updated) lasers: physics and applications (updated) nonlinear optics (new) quantum physi
5 Google PR:5   Details Free Directory List

 Explore |

Skip to main content skip to secondary content (sidebar) home explore discover study careers physics news about us try a random physics website!! Recommend a site tell us about your favourite physics site search our database of handpicked sites looking for a great physics site? We've tracked down the very best and checked them for accuracy. Just pick a topic, tell us your age and knowledge level and we'll do the rest. Search our database of handpicked physics sites how old are you? Your age level all under 10 11 - 16 adult whats your knowledge level? Your knowledge level all basic intermediate advanced 50 uses for the laser the laser is 50, and it's been a busy half century. Find out what lasers have been up to from reading barcodes to removing tattoos. Explore spacehack a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, interact and connect with the space community through participatory projects and the like. Explore lasers past, present & future in this video interview, to
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 Hiram's physics page

Contents links of journals, software, publishers, societies etc in physics sciences
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Physics related scientific search engines, journals and links
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 Physnet - physics departments and documents worldwide

Physnet is a portal to physics of the isn and the eps
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The gravity society new technologies american institute of physics bec physicists create new state of matter at record low temperature eric a. Cornell - bec investigator carl e. Wieman - bec investigator journal of research of the nist special issue: bose-einstein condensation what is bose-einstein condensation? Bose-einstein condensation at gsu eric weisstein's world of mathematics fundamental physical constants nikola tesla prodigal genius planck's constant and the energy of a photon pre-quarks, zero mass black holes, vector energy and rings science hobbyist top page superconductivity resources the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics tony's home para and meta not the crackpot files occultatoms society for psychical research physics gravity partical physics gravitomagnetic field - 'gravity-shielding' experiments the gravity society magnetism a model for magnetism chapter 1 magnetism magnetism research in condensed matter physics at oxford university minkowski an alterna
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physics physics lectures 
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